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The Turf Guy of Long Island is aimed at protecting trees (under 20 feet tall) and foundation plantings (plant beds and landscaping found around your home) to give you the best in tree and shrub care.
The Tree and Shrub Care Maintainer Program includes:
  • Inspection and overall health evaluation of plants, trees and shrubs
  • Disease treatments
  • Insect treatments
  • Fertilization and application of micronutrients
Ornamental Root Feeding

Spring and Fall Ornamental Root Feeding: These two applications help replenish nutrients and improve the soil’s productivity by aerating the soil around your trees and shrubs and increasing the microbial activity within the soil.

Spring and Fall Dormant Oil: These applications are applied to the bark and leaf surface of the plant. Essential for all types of shrubs and ornamentals.

Summer and Late Summer Spray: These two sprays are used in conjunction with each other to increase the overall vitality of your landscape. This is the time of year when insect populations are at their highest.

Winter Weather Shield: This is applied to all evergreens and flowering plants that maintain their leaves throughout the winter months. This product forms a protective coating over the shrub foliage so it does not dry out and cause serious damage.

At Turf Guy of Long Island, our experts aim to keep plants healthy and thriving throughout the year, in addition to monitoring plants for indications of disease or insects. Our local experts in trees and shrub care use their expertise regarding dangers common to your area so that any symptoms can get treatment immediately and pests can be identified as well as controlled.

From cherry trees to evergreens, fertilization assists plants (particularly young plants) in growing at ideal rates. Healthy plants and trees also resist disease and insects more naturally. The Turf Guy’s tree and shrub care also applies specially chosen nutrients to enhance the appearance and growth of your plants. It is important to pay attention to shrubs and trees since lacking just one nutrient could result in the death of your plants.

Tree & Shrub Care, Installation, Maintenance:

Tree Care & Installations - The Turf Guy is capable of planting and caring for trees of all sizes and types. From pruning to stump grinding, Tick and Turf provides residential and commercial tree services for property owners throughout the Nassau County and Suffolk County areas. We possess the necessary knowledge and experience, and utilize modern machinery and tools to ensure that your tree installation is performed in a safe and successful manner. Beyond tree care and installation, we also provide tree removal services. Contact us today to have a hazardous tree removed from your landscape. We can successful remove any diseased or damage trees or tree limbs that can pose a potential danger. We also provide emergency storm damage tree removal services.

Shrub Care & Installations - The Turf Guy offers expert shrub care and installation services that will ensure the shrubs and plants of your landscape remain healthy and flourishing throughout the year. We know of the potential dangers in the Long Island area that will leave your shrubs and plants succeptable to disease. We can monitor your landscape for any invasive pests or insects that may be causing damages and provide the necessary treatments. Turf Guy's tree and shrub care services will be customized to provide the proper nutrients and protection for the specific species of plant, which will enhance it's overall health and growth. We understand that the landscape of your property is an investment, and we take the appropriate measures to ensure that your investment remains protected. Beyond providing tree and shrub care, we also provide the following additional landscape services.

Feeding of Shrubs:

The Right Time To Feed Garden Shrubs

The majority of shrubs will survive and even thrive in the garden without supplemental feeding, as long as you've chosen types with needs that match the general conditions of your growing location (soil type, water supply, light levels, etc.). That said, feeding can be necessary and beneficial when:

> Shrubs have been subject to extreme rainfall or to excess watering in times of natural drought. This stimulates excess growth, which they may not be able to support without the benefit of supplemental feeding, particularly if the water has washed soil nutrients away or disturbed the soil structure.

> Shrubs are growing on naturally poor, rocky or sandy soil, particularly if they don't grow on such soils in their native environment. Well-draining soil is a boon to many shrubs, but it can also be low in nutrients because these are easily washed away.

> Shrubs are growing closely together, such as in a hedge, and therefore remain in constant competition for soil nutrients in their vicinity.

The ideal time to feed garden shrubs is just before they begin growing in early spring. Heavy feeders, like roses, can benefit from a follow-up feeding in summer. Flowering shrubs that are regularly trimmed should be fed just after they're pruned.

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