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Listed left are all the services The Turf Guy will offer during the course of the season. We offer 10% discount for customers who choose to prepay for a complete fertilization program.
Ticks that carry the sometimes deadly and debilitating Lyme disease are not only a problem on the East End of Long Island and Fire Island. Ticks are also prevalent in our own backyards throughout Nassau county and Suffolk county. Most think that only deer carry ticks with with Lyme Disease, but more commonly the tick carriers are our household pets, squirrels, mice, chipmucks and even some birds.
To avoid ticks this season contact THE TURF GUY. We have a program that consist of 6 to 8 applications per season (in 4 week intervals). We spray your property in order to eliminate ticks in all the treated areas. Please call us to schedule a free estimate.

Tick Tubes: A non-spray application is used to target lyme disease carrying ticks.

Do you need a tick control professional on Long Island, New York? If so, we can help. If you need tick control for your Long Island property, you can trust The Turf Guy to take care of any tick problem you have. Ticks are considered the worst pests due to the diseases that they possibly be carrying. The United States Center for Disease Control identifies over 15 different illnesses that originate from ticks. Some, such as Lyme’s disease are incredibly debilitating if you don't catch it early. So if you think you have a tick problem in your backyard, you need to address it in the safest, most proactive course available. That is where we can help. Tick infestations can spring up out of nowhere since they can come from deer, raccoons, birds, mice and other wildlife. Once ticks are spotted, you should address it right away.
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